To which, if we insert their gross conceptions of corporeity, expressed in their photos and representations of their deities the amours, marriages, copulations, lusts, quarrels, and other necessarily mean qualities attributed by them to their gods we shall have small cause to consider that the heathen planet, i. e. the finest element of mankind, experienced these types of ideas of God in their minds as he himself, out of treatment that they should not be mistaken about him, was writer of.

And this universality of consent, so significantly argued, if it confirm any indigenous impressions, it will be only this: – that God imprinted on the minds of all adult men talking the very same language, a name for himself, but not any notion since those people folks who agreed in the name, experienced, at the exact time, considerably different apprehensions about the detail signified. If they say that the wide range of deities worshipped by the heathen entire world were being but figurative methods of expertwriting expressing the numerous attributes of that incomprehensible Becoming, or various components of his providence, I solution: what they might be in the first I will not in this article inquire but that they were so in the thoughts of the vulgar I consider nobody will affirm.

And he that will consult with the voyage of the Bishop of Beryte, c. 16. Plan of God not innate although intelligent guys of all nations come to have it. If it be stated, that sensible men of all nations came to have true conceptions of the unity and infinity of the Deity, I grant it.

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But then this,First, excludes universality of consent in everything but the title for those people smart adult men remaining extremely few, maybe a single of a thousand, this universality is pretty narrow. Secondly, it looks to me plainly to prove, that the truest and ideal notions males have of God were being not imprinted, but obtained by thought and meditation, and a ideal use of their faculties: given that the clever and considerate males of the environment, by a right and mindful work of their feelings and rationale, attained correct notions in this as well as other issues whilst the lazy and inconsiderate aspect of guys, building considerably the greater selection, took up their notions by chance, from frequent custom and vulgar conceptions, without the need of considerably beating their heads about them. And if it be a explanation to imagine the idea of God innate, for the reason that all sensible guys experienced it, virtue far too should be assumed innate for that also clever males have generally experienced. 17. Odd, very low, and pitiful tips of God widespread amid guys.

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This was evidently the case of all Gentilism. Nor hath even amongst Jews, Christians, and Mahometans, who acknowledged but a person God, this doctrine, and the treatment taken in all those nations to teach men to have true notions of a God, prevailed so far as to make males to have the exact and the true ideas of him. How a lot of even amongst us, will be found on inquiry to extravagant him in the form of a gentleman sitting down in heaven and to have a lot of other absurd and unfit conceptions of him? Christians as properly as Turks have experienced full sects possessing and contending earnestly for it, – that the Deity was corporeal, and of human form: and though we discover few now among us who profess them selves Anthropomorphites, (although some I have satisfied with that possess it,) however I consider he that will make it his business enterprise may obtain amongst the ignorant and uninstructed Christians quite a few of that view. Discuss but with nation persons, practically of any age, or youthful folks just about of any condition, and you shall obtain that, though the identify of God be routinely in their mouths, but the notions they utilize this identify to are so odd, low, and pitiful, that nobody can consider they were taught by a rational person a great deal considerably less that they were people prepared by the finger of God himself.

Nor do I see how it derogates more from the goodness of God, that he has given us minds unfurnished with these suggestions of himself, than that he hath despatched us into the entire world with bodies unclothed and that there is no art or skill born with us.