Sky Broadband Boost. How to have Sky Broadband Boost

Include this to your Sky Broadband important, Sky Broadband Superfast or Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1 package to offer it a boost.

Provide your Sky Broadband a lift so when your broadband is triggered, you’ll get these additional features:

  • Get engineer visits at any given time you like, also night and weekends, at no extra expense.
  • A reliable connection is crucial, so we’ll run daily checks on your own line. You to let you know we’re fixing it fast if it’s not up to scratch, we’ll text.
  • Control of your family’s screen time is in the Sky Broadband Buddy to your hands software.
  • Got Sky Mobile Phone? When your broadband falls down, we’ll put 2GB in your Sky mobile phone Piggybank.

If you took Sky Broadband Boost after 4th of September 2019:

  • Through the bed room to your kitchen, we guarantee WiFi in most space of your property, or we are going to provide you with cash back.

Ways to get Sky Broadband Boost

Got Sky Broadband Important or Sky Broadband Superfast? Make contact to have Sky Broadband Boost. Or even, update your package and include Sky Broadband Increase.

Such as your broadband package, it comes down by having a 18-month agreement.

Discover more about the features:

WiFi in almost every available space or your hard earned money straight right back

We’ll guarantee you will get at the very least 3Mbps WiFi in almost every room or we’ll give you your cash back in your Sky Broadband Increase registration.

You’ll get our brand brand brand new Sky Broadband Hub (unless you curently have one) of course you’re not receiving WiFi in most space we could give you a Sky Broadband Booster or an engineer to be sure your home’s put up to have the most readily useful sign and protection.

Still can’t get WiFi in just about every space? We’ll provide you with cash back that you’ve compensated for your Sky Broadband Increase and give you it free for the remainder of the contract – so that you can certainly still gain benefit from the other wonderful features.

Head to WiFi Guarantee to find out more.

Engineer visits at time that best suits you

Require a Broadband Tech Team visit? We’ll waive the £15 charge if you wish to book a night or week-end visit.

You don’t have to do anything whether you book your appointment online or through an advisor, the discount will automatically be applied so.

Constant checks in your line

After your broadband’s been installed and operating for a few months and its particular finished its stabilisation duration, day-to-day checks will soon be operate on your line to locate any possible problems away from your property. They won’t need access to your home, so you don’t need to stay in if we find one, we’ll send an engineer to investigate.

We’ll check each night between 12am and 5am, then text you then again when the fault is fixed if we’re sending an engineer and. Your phone line might not work with a short span while we operate these checks – but it shouldn’t simply take significantly more than two moments.

Your line are going to be excluded through the checks that are daily:

  • There’s a broadband that is widespread – Check for outages in your town.
  • We’ve formerly found a fault and delivered an engineer through this method within the last 28 times.
  • You’ve reported a broadband issue to us within the last fortnight. But, should your issues still maybe perhaps not fixed, test thoroughly your broadband.

Good to learn: Some care alarms or safety alarms linked to a phone line might be impacted.

Mobile phone information for outages

Have Sky Mobile Phone? This one’s simply for you. If you don’t, join Sky Cellphone to profit with this too. 2GB of information will soon be included with your Sky Piggybank automatically in the event your broadband has an outage that:

  • Wasn’t prepared
  • Lasts significantly more than thirty minutes
  • Is between 7am and 11pm

Perhaps Not got important computer data? Normally it takes as much as twenty four hours to be included with your Sky Piggybank. We’ll deliver that you text to inform you it’s added but check your Sky Piggybank.

You can’t have more than three information credits in a thirty days or 18 credits in 1. 5 years.

Sky Broadband Buddy

Handle each display screen at home from an software on your Phone with Sky Broadband Buddy. It’s like a handheld remote control for the world wide web and it is currently in your Sky Broadband Hub.

Here’s what can be done using the software:

  • Create various filters for all within the family members they should so they only see what.
  • Keep monitoring of display screen time by establishing time that is regular and bedtimes.
  • Whether it’s research time or household time, touch pause on a single person or the home that is whole they won’t have the ability to get online.
  • All Sky Broadband Buddy features work across 4G and 3G in addition to WiFi.

Head to Sky Broadband Buddy for lots more assistance.

Nevertheless need a hand?

When your issue isn’t sorted, you should check down our relevant assistance or get in contact with us.