JUCY Rentals | Mini RV Rental Specialists | Strategies For Using A Mini RV Up To A Music Event

Here is the most useful festival hack you are going to previously encounter: employ a JUCY mini RV! using an RV to a music event may be the ultimate solution to update your camping knowledge.

If you should be planning to a event in a JUCY RV when it comes to very first time, have a look at these useful recommendations.

Why simply simply take an RV up to a songs festival? There are lots of reasons that are great decide to just simply take an RV up to a songs event.

  • You will have a real sleep, in place of a pilates pad on the floor
  • You are able to prepare in a kitchen that is actual and consume healthful, hot meals which keeps you healthier and filled with power for extended
  • You will have a refrigerator to maintain your drinks cool!
  • You can easily carry more products
  • You will end up dry and warm if it rains
  • You don’t have to bother about creating (or taking down) a tent!

JUCY mini RVs would be the perfect event automobiles. Our JUCY Trailblazer vehicles sleeps four people and includes every little thing you’ll need – a USB outlet for phone charging, a refrigerator for keeping things chilled and lockable doors to secure both you and your belongings. All of this, also it nevertheless qualifies like a motor vehicle, and that means you could possibly get it much more locations (some festivals do not allow larger RVs).


Do your homework to learn whether or otherwise not it is possible to simply take an RV towards the event. Not totally all celebrations provide on-site camping, and people which do frequently have guidelines all over measurements of cars that you could just simply take into festival camping reasons.

Useful tip: Some celebrations won’t allow RVs you could squeak in having a mini RV. JUCY cars are small adequate to be classified as automobile, to help you get where RVs can’t! The spring festival that is biggest enables JUCY tiny RVS, although not bigger automobiles.

When you can camp at a festival in a RV, you’ll want to purchase parking or camping pass, that may be extra to your price of your pass. Think about the positives of camping within an RV to choose perhaps the expense will probably be worth it for your needs.

You should also find out what to expect when you arrive before you go. Some festivals offer energy hookups, however, many do not.

Verify this in advance or prepare to ‘dry camp’ simply to be from the side that is safe. If you should be venturing out in to the center associated with the wilderness, as an example, you’ll want to camp with no power hook up xmeeting. JUCY cars do not require energy hook up to run the refrigerator, lights, and USB chargers. Just run the car motor for around 45 mins each day to keep these features that are extra.

Some celebrations just enable camping automobiles that may operate air-con without operating the motor. Unfortuitously, a JUCY car can’t do that, therefore they can’t be taken by you to those celebrations. The main reason this guideline is present is because celebrations tend to be in hot climates and also you have to be in a position to run the fresh air conditioning and never overheat!


A large extra of using an RV up to a music event is you can pack much much much more stuff, including food that is fresh. Listed here is a synopsis of important what to simply take. Remember, your mini RV will be looked when you’re to your event, therefore be wise by what you take.

Meals and drinks

You’re almost certainly likely to be investing your times into the sweltering heat, perspiring and investing power dancing into the hottest music musicians and artists. It’s important you nourish yourself and maintain your liquids and energy levels up which means you final all of the option to the last time. Bring loads of treats and hold bottles of water-cool in your JUCY mini RV (remember JUCY doesn’t need a power hook up to operate the refrigerator).

Pack your cooking area ahead of time, stocking up on fruit and veggies (you’ll need some nutrients when you are coping with a hangover in your 3rd successive day of partying!). You will most probably turn out to be also hectic having a great time to invest enough time preparing (plus you cannot simply just simply take knieves and porcelain dishes to many celebrations), but having some healthier snacks to nurture your self with is useful. The most readily useful meals to simply just take camping festival is something that will provide you with plenty of power, it is reduced in sugar, since this will simply prompt you to crash. Just Take pea pea nuts and seeds, carrots and hummus, and dried-fruit.

  • Keep the kitchen kit in the part as numerous associated with the things, such as for example knives and porcelain dishes, should be confiscated by safety on entry. Although this will curb your options for cooking, there are lots of food suppliers on site for you yourself to select from.
  • Ensure that the water that is fresh tend to be complete – you’ll need most of the water you could get! Bring your own personal refillable bins in instance you’ll need more.
  • A reusable beverage container is a must at an event!
  • Typically, you are able to deliver meals and products to the festival camping floor. In basic, though, no cup is permitted – that features glass containers and bottles, when you wish peanut butter or snacks that are similar make certain they may be in synthetic pots.
  • The principles around liquor are very different for every single event. For a few, you can easily deliver an amount that is limited at other people nothing after all. Make certain you research the guidelines beforehand, to prevent frustration.