Do You Get The Reimbursement? FTC Recovered $17 Million For MA From Alleged

A lot more than $17 million has been came back to people in Massachusetts that has dropped victim to advertising that is false another business scam since 2018.

Relating to information supplied by the Federal Trade Commission, since July 2018 significantly more than 99,000 Massachusetts residents have now been bilked away from $17.65 million through savings and loans, unauthorized debts and fees, grant, and pay day loan frauds among other kinds of deception.

Once the FTC delivers refunds, it frequently makes use of client listings and email address it gets through the defendants, the FTC said. If that info isn’t available, the agency may ask individuals to register a claim or make use of its Consumer Sentinel database to get those who are qualified to receive a reimbursement.

To see if you’re qualified to receive a reimbursement, visit the sentinel database plus the FTC on line.


From July 2018 through 2020, the firms which had to cover refunds towards the many Massachusetts residents had been, based on the FTC:

  • AMG solutions, which operated a pay day loan scheme and had to refund cash to 20,500 Massachusetts residents
  • LifeLock settled utilizing the FTC over allegations it had not precisely guaranteed consumer’s information that is personal went false ads. Refunds had been because of 13,500 Massachusetts residents
  • J.K. Publications, which made unauthorized charges for unknown services and products, came back cash to 8,120 individuals
  • Purchase Slash LLC, which offered deceptively marketed losing weight items, came back cash to 5,400 recipients
  • Allstar advertising Group (goods Direct), which went ads that are deceptive buy-one-get-one-free services and products, came back cash to 3,800 recipients
  • NetSpend, which got in big trouble for the real method it marketed its prepaid debit cards, came back money to 3,690 recipients
  • Lights of America, which misrepresented the output of its bulbs that are LED refunded 3,460 recipients
  • Triangle Media settled allegations it supplied not very trials that are“risk-free at-home/cagtalog acquisitions and refunded cash to 3,330 Massachusetts individuals
  • Wellness Formulas (Simple Pure), that was caught people that are charging “free trials” on wellness maintenance systems, refunded 3,200 recipients
  • We Functions, which offered“trial” that is deceptive and bogus federal federal government grant- and money-making schemes refunded 3,000 recipients.

    The businesses that paid the highest dollar that is total in refunds to Massachusetts residents had been:

  • AMG solutions, which refunded $9.8 million to Massachusetts residents
  • Herbalife, which refunded $1.9 million to mention residents
  • Uber, refunded $606,000
  • One Technologies refunded $419,000
  • California payday lenders

  • LifeLock, refunded $374,000
  • The Tax Club, refunded $294,000
  • We Functions, refunded $265,000
  • Standard Industries, refunded $240,000
  • Assisting America Group, refunded $229,000.

    The firms because of the biggest median refunds to Massachusetts people, in accordance with very first re payments, had been:

  • Sellers Playbook, which offered a median reimbursement of $3,300
  • Regenerative Medical Group, $2,698 median reimbursement
  • A to Z Marketing, $1,107 median reimbursement
  • Treasure Your Success (WV Universal Management), $994 median reimbursement
  • Expense Management America, $942 median refund.
  • For a complete set of instances brought and refunds granted by the Federal Trade Commission, visit the FTC’s reimbursement database,

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