When deciding to decorate a bathroom, kitchen or corridor using tiles, you should not chase the newest trends. There are a couple of of the most memorable and popular types of tile in the moment: booth, patchwork and hexagons. These products are too prevalent, so they no longer seem original.

White boarboard throughout the kitchen

You need to pick tiles for your taste, but listen to the opinion of professionals. The universal textures today: rock, concrete and wood. Additionally, monochrome products will never go out of fashion. Bright colored coatings seem spectacular, but eventually get tired. Buying low-quality tiles

To make a harmonious interior, the visual component of the products is significant: the layout must be clear, without large pixels, along with the coating – smooth or using a uniform texture without flaws.

Similar texture

Quality products shouldn’t be similar to the tiles – modern producers have learned to mimic natural materials so faithfully that porcelain stoneware is difficult to differentiate from wood or stone. Choose products with a high variability of layout: frequently repeated texture appears unnatural. It’s also wise to check the uniformity of the order concerning tone and gauge. Orientation to size only.

It’s impossible to imagine the arrangement of the tiles based only on the measurements of the room. The choice of products is obviously individual. Sometimes huge components are appropriate in a small kitchen or bathroom, and occasionally it is better to use a small format.

Colorful mosaic onto the Ground

The perfect sequence of buy is to decide on the collection you want, create a design plan or produce a visualization, then buy the products. It is well worth mentioning: the bigger the components, the https://domiktop.ru/ more seams will be on the surface, and so the longer the setting. You should also look at the type of products for different surfaces: they write all the essential information in detail on the packing.

Incorrect tile mixes

Facing the space with the very same tiles is a winning option for a laconic interior, as monochrome products give more room for decoration. However, if this option seems boring, you can specify tiles of different colors and sizes, observing some recommendations:

Combine unique shades, use ready-made color combinations from a single themed collection.

Do not use products with a glossy sheen if you decide on natural textures (shiny wood, marble and definite appearance unconvincing).

Do not combine glossy and matte elements on exactly the identical plane.

Incorrect calculation

In case the amount of tiles will probably correspond to the surface area, you won’t have to overpay for excess material or buy more in case of shortages.

Not enough tiles

To be aware of the amount of elements to tile the space, you will need to calculate its area and divide by the size of their tiles, or even use an online calculator. It’s also wise to add a reserve of about 10% of the whole amount, because the material can easily be damaged during transport or installation. Should you will need to match the pattern, the reserve should be 20 percent.

Ceramic tiles are among the most durable and environmentally friendly substances. If the decision is made efficiently, the material is going to be a fantastic improvement to the interior and will persist for quite a while.